recurring dreams

I need a reminder: What God wants to do in your life is something that He can not do on display when it’s in seed form. And this messes with our culture because we want every body to know that we have been approved. We want everyone to recognize what God has done in our […]

i got ditched

Every Sunday while at the Gurdwara, I go into the langar hall to help with serving food.  While walking with my cousin and grandfather, I saw a man was serving food to everyone else instead.  My cousin just started to say something to me, and I cut him off and said, I know, I saw […]

world mental health day

i woke up with a stomachache today i have pain where i normally do not experience pain i look at myself in the mirror and there are bags under my eyes i havent been sleeping well they are red my eyes looked pained i’m sorry i try to wash it away with cold water but […]

selfless service

When I went to the Gurdwara today, I immediately noticed that the donated dry foods by the golak was clearly not picked up by anyone to bring to the kitchen for storage Normally, many people bring in donations, but throughout the day, someone, usually an adolescent male forced by their parents, picks it up to […]

I gotta trust my lonely

Alessia Cara’s music has always related to whatever I’m going through, always. Here, for when I felt like I was the only one who didn’t care for parties. Scars to your Beautiful, when I was recovering from my eating disorder. Growing Pains, for when my anxiety comes to visit. Trust My Lonely, I’m still listening […]